Aluminium radiator

发布日期:2020-05-21 16:41:27

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Aluminum radiator is a new type of air heater based on steel radiator. The heat exchange element of this product adopts steel tube -- aluminum sheet "L" type finned tube, the working temperature can reach 230, it has the advantages of a rigid tube with close contact, no folding, no accumulation of dust, good vibration resistance, and can protect the tube from air erosion.

Compared with steel radiator, heat dissipation area increased by 10-20%, weight reduced by about 30%, the same working condition heat can be increased by 10-20%. Suitable for steam and hot water systems, can be widely used in hot air heating, material drying and air conditioning systems air heating.

The heat medium used in the radiator is steam or hot water. The steam working pressure is 2.6mpa and the hot water temperature is 70-130.

Radiator according to the heat dissipation area is big (D- piece distance 4mm), in (Z- piece distance 5mm), small (X- piece distance 7mm) three types, a total of 41 specifications.


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