Steel radiator

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Steel radiator, with compact structure, good air tightness, easy installation and other characteristics. It is suitable for both steam and hot water systems. It is widely used in the air heating system of ventilation and drying equipment in large buildings.

Structure specification: SRZ radiator is manufactured in accordance with the national standard atlas, which is composed of carbon steel frame and carbon steel heat sink pipe (carbon steel heat sink pipe). The steel heat sink pipe is fixed by frame, which has compact structure, good air tightness and convenient installation.

SRZ radiator is mainly composed of smooth air flow to three rows of the cooling bundles, fork arrange, SRZ fin tube radiator in Ф 22 X 2 mm seamless steel tube winding 16 X 0.5 mm on the buckling of steel belt, spiraling, SRZ steel radiator fin spacing has 5 mm - big "D", "Z", 8 in 6 mm - mm - small "X" three categories, a total of 38 kinds of specifications.

Scope of application: SRZ radiator is a kind of steel radiator used for heating air, which is suitable for both steam system and hot water system. It is mainly used for hot air heating, air conditioning system and air heating of drying device. It is the main equipment in hot air device. SRZ steel radiator is widely used in the heating and ventilation system of industrial and mining enterprises and large buildings. Working medium: steam (< 1.0mpa), hot water (<130);


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