Serrated spiral high frequency welded finned tube

发布日期:2020-05-21 15:05:27

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High frequency welding of spiral finned tube

High frequency welded spiral fin tube is a new type of heat exchange material which is wear-resistant and efficient.

It adopts the national patent technology to make use of the high-frequency welding production process, takes the high-frequency power source as the heat source, heats the steel belt and steel pipe at the same time, and makes them fuse and weld together into a whole, which has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, large heat dissipation area, long service life, wide temperature range and high pressure bearing. It is widely used in waste heat recovery, petrochemical industry, power plant boiler, economizer, passenger car, industrial and civil construction, heating, refrigeration, medicine drying, wood drying, grain drying system and other industries.

Advantages of high frequency welding of spiral finned tubes

1. The installation is simple and economical, the maximum length of high frequency welding spiral finned tube can reach 6 meters, reducing the connection point, making the installation more economical and fast, and reducing the probability of water leakage at the connection point.

2. Simple maintenance, after the installation of high frequency welding spiral fin tube, the basic need for maintenance.

3. High efficiency, high frequency welding spiral finned tube is the finned tube and steel pipe wrapped in full contact welding, heat dissipation area is more than 8 times of the light tube, internal more smooth, internal water resistance is small.

4. Long service life, fin and pipe combined with high mechanical strength, tensile strength of more than 200Mpa, all the tube inside and outside of hot-dip galvanized treatment.

Weldable fin material: carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.

Weldable fin form: solid teeth, open teeth.


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