Spiral high frequency welded finned tube

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High frequency welded spiral finned tube is a kind of high efficiency heat transfer element with spiral finned tube. The extended surface (fin) can be solid or serrated, with a heat transfer area several dozen times larger than that of a bare tube.

Why use finned tubes

Improve heat transfer efficiency in efficient space.

Reduces installation space on required heat transfer surfaces

Reduce the cost of the equipment, and have a high operational reliability.

The pressure drop on the side of the tube is reduced and the operation cost is reduced.

The stiffness of steel tube is improved, and the seismic performance of steel tube is improved.

Enhance heat transfer, reduce flow resistance and metal consumption

Manufacturing process

The steel fins are spiral wound and HFERW (high frequency resistance welding) is continuously welded to the steel tube. High frequency current is introduced into the workpiece, the welding contact surface is thermally melted or semi-melted by the resistance, and then appropriate pressure is applied on the welding contact surface to complete the finned tube welding. This produces a uniform, clean and continuous finned tube with no additional welding material to combine very efficient heat flow and corrosion resistance.

High frequency welded spiral finned tube is one of the spiral finned tubes widely used at present, which is widely used in power, metallurgy, waste heat recovery of cement industry and petrochemical industry.

High frequency welded finned tube features

1. Due to the fast welding speed and strong self-cooling effect of welding parts, not only the heat-affected area is small, but also it is not easy to oxidize, so the microstructure and performance of welding seams are very good.

2, anti-corrosion performance, wear resistance, low contact thermal resistance, high stability, anti - ash ability.

3. Large heat exchange area.


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