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发布日期:2020-05-21 14:21:33

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1. The heat transfer efficiency high peak and trough of wave tube special design, make the fluid flow tube section continuous mutation inside and outside the formation of strong turbulence, even under the condition of the flow velocity is small, the fluid in the tube inside and outside all can form strong disturbance, greatly improving the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchange tube, the heat transfer coefficient is higher than traditional tube heat exchanger for 2 ~ 3 times. 2. No pollution, no plugging and no scaling, stable operation of the expansion wave tube in the working process, on the one hand, the inner and outer media of the tube are always in a state of high turbulence, which makes it difficult for solid particles in the medium to deposit and scale; Affected by the medium temperature difference on the other hand, expansion wave tube will produce trace amounts of axial expansion deformation, with the frequent change of the curvature of the tube inside and outside and the due to dirt and the linear expansion coefficient of expansion wave tube vary widely, so dirt and between heat exchange tube will produce larger pulled off force, even if there are scale calm could burst up and off automatically, keeping heat exchanger has always been persistent and highly efficient heat transfer performance. At the same time, the pipeline channel is large, the pressure drop is small, the energy saving effect is obvious, and there is no blocking problem. 3. The special structure shape of the expansion wave tube with automatic compensation function can effectively reduce the thermal stress under the condition of heat, without the need to add expansion joint, thus simplifying the product structure and improving the reliability of the product. 4. Reliable, safe and firm seal length of the product. The existence of wave peaks and troughs enhances its axial telescopic capacity, effectively reduces the temperature difference stress and can adapt to the change of large temperature difference and pressure, thus avoiding the leakage phenomenon caused by the rupture of the pipe mouth. The unique connection technology of baffle plate and wave joint tube prolongs the service life of heat exchanger. The external expansion wave tube has better heat transfer efficiency than the conventional internal pressure wave joint tube.


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