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发布日期:2020-05-21 11:00:22

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The wave joint heat exchange pipe is a new type of high efficiency heat exchange pipe, which has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, longer service life, no pitting corrosion, low price and so on.


Bellows tube heat exchanger of stainless steel bellows tube, due to high quality of stainless steel materials, corrosion itself, more major is special inside and outside the bellows tube wave and turbulent medium continuously scouring, internal and external surfaces of the heat exchange tube dirt deposited in the surface very hard, even if the scale, the section pipe is a kind of flexible components, wavelengths, in the process of work by the effect of temperature difference, the curvature of the bellows tube parts constantly change, although the deformation curvature change is not very big, but dirt and the linear expansion coefficient of metal bellows tube vary widely, therefore between dirt and bellows tube surface will produce a large force of pulled off, Enough to make the scale off to achieve automatic cleaning, automatic descaling, especially this is the row tube and other heat exchangers can not be compared, the stress distribution is uniform, strong corrosion resistance.


Because of the use of ultra-thin wall stainless steel wave tube, on the one hand to improve the service life of the product, but also greatly reduce the weight of the product, save the material, but also because of the reduction of the operation and maintenance costs, the reduction of the floor area, so that the performance of the product price ratio significantly increased, the economic benefits are obvious.


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