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Principle and characteristics of threaded low - toothed finned tube

1, the principle of

Low thread finned tube is a kind of high efficiency heat exchange tube which is formed on its outer surface by rolling.

The reinforcement of this tube type is outside the tube. On the one hand, the reinforcing effect of the medium is reflected in the increase of heat transfer area of the threaded fin. On the other hand, when the shell passes through the surface of the threaded tube, the surface threaded fins have a segmentation effect on the laminar flow edge layer, which reduces the thickness of the boundary layer. Moreover, the turbulence formed on the surface is stronger than that of the light tube, further reducing the thickness of the boundary layer. The result of combined action makes the tube have high heat transfer capacity. When this type of tube is used for evaporation, it can increase the number of bubbles formed on the unit surface and improve the boiling heat transfer capacity. When used for condensation, the threaded fin is very conducive to the dripping of condensate at the lower end of the tube, so that the liquid film is reduced, the thermal resistance is reduced, and the condensation heat transfer efficiency is improved.  

2, the characteristics of

(1) low processing costs;

The essay is widely applicable. It can strengthen the evaporation, condensation, gaseous heat transfer and liquid heat transfer of shell media.


As long as the medium on the shell side is clean, free from corrosion and scale formation, low-threaded finned tube can be used as a heat exchange element to form a low-threaded finned tube type efficient heat exchanger


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