Steel-aluminum composite finned tube

发布日期:2020-05-20 16:58:46

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The processing technology of cold rolled finned tube of steel and aluminum is made from aluminum tube and steel tube into bimetallic composite tube, and then the finned tube is formed after the mechanical cold rolled tube.

Based on the physical characteristics of aluminum tube, the tube with steel tube as the core is made into a finned tube which is closely combined with the cold rolled aluminum fin.

The composite finned tube has the following characteristics:

1. High heat transfer performance, low contact resistance;

2. The fin has a large contact area with the tube, which is close and reliable;

3. Good corrosion resistance and stable long-term service performance;

4. The fin has good rigidity and is not easy to deform.

It is widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, shipbuilding, power station, hospital and food industries.


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